Public Relations is all about making sure your message is getting out to your stakeholders accurately, efficiently, and quickly. Using a variety of platforms and techniques to communicate with your audience, RSIT has the skills and the networks necessary to get your message the biggest exposure possible.

Media Relations – skilled media relations practitioners create interesting news stories on your behalf, and provide them direct to journalists along with print-ready photos before pitching your story one-on-one with key contacts for your industry and message.

Social Media Delivery – whether you need help creating event pages and hashtag campaigns, delivering live reporting, or encouraging the sharing of your content far and wide on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, RSS can take your social media platforms to a whole new level of interactivity and engagement.

Media and Event Photography – they say a picture is worth one thousand words, and in today's highly visual and fast-paced society, this has never been truer. We can help you sell your message with high quality photography that tells a story. For more on our photography services, please click here.